Spring Balancer

Spring Balancer is a device to suspend machines and equipment. Since the spring tension reduces the effective weight of the suspended load to nearly zero, you can control its vertical position effortlessly. Flexible operation is possible as stable balance can be achieved at any height.*
* While the balancing point of the balancer can be varied continuously, the reel type products are balanced at a preset height.


Spring Balancer


-For suspending various devices, jigs, and tools

Spring Balancer

Standard balancer

For cleanroom

This type of balancer can be used in a clean room.

Torque Reel

This reel supports a long stroke of up to 4m. It is ideal for pendant switches and similar devices.

Reel type

-For suspending devices that use an air hose including air tools

Air Tool

A balance function has been added to the hose reel. This balancer provides both the suspension of tools and air supply, allowing effortless control of its vertical position.

Hose inner diameter : Φ6.3mm

Tool Hose

This product has an increased air flow rate with a larger hose inner diameter compared to Air Tool Balancer. This type is equipped with the fall-arrest feature.

Hose inner diameter : Φ8.5mm

Air Tool

This version utilizes the highest air flow rate and support for a stroke of up to 2m. This type is equipped with the fall-arrest feature.

Hose inner diameter : Φ10.0mm

Reel type

-Balancer Accessories

Plain Trolley

When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand.