Air Balancer

Operated by compressed air and air cylinder, Air Balancer can be used for loading, unloading, and transport.
In the models with the lift control module, the floating feature facilitates the attachment and removal of a suspended load.
In the models with the balance control module, the balance feature enables transfer and installation of a suspended load by hand.




Air Balancer
(with lift control

This balancer uses air pressure to wind a load up and down over the entire lifting height without weight setting. This type is equipped with a floating feature.
Hoisting capacity: 270 kg or less

Air Balancer
(with balance control module)

Models are available featuring automatic balance with weight detection or easy balance setting with a knob.
Hoisting capacity: 140 kg or less


Rail System

This system allows horizontal movement of lifting equipment, enabling easy transportation and transfer by hand.

Jib Crane

A floor-mounted jib crane is available as an accessory. The traveling rail is made of aluminum, ensuring light and smooth operation.