Air Hoist

Operated by compressed air, Air Hoist can be used for loading and unloading, and transport. The control push button is pressure sensitive. By changing how hard you press the button, you can adjust the operating speed continuously from low to high.
  Note: Type EHL is equipped with a pull cord as standard. The push button is also available.

You only need to connect the hose. No adjustment is required. Air Hoist is powered by air, reducing the risk of ignition and ensuring safety even when it is used in chemical plants or places where hazardous materials are handled.



-Ideal for loading and unloading applications

Wire rope type
Air Hoist

This lightweight version of Air Hoist is equipped with a wire rope.

Rated load 60kg〜250kg

Chain type
Air Hoist

This version of Air Hoist is equipped with a chain that provides excellent toughness and wear resistance.

Rated load 60kg〜6000kg



Plain Trolley

When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand.

Air Motor Trolley

This type of trolley is powered by air and transports a suspended load horizontally. You can also combine this trolley with an Air Hoist for use as a crane.