ENDO CRUSHER can crush any recycable materials like a plastic,wood,scrap,metal,printed circuit board,etc.
We supply a wide range of series from small types for general factories to large types for lndustrial waste disposers or Recycle facilities

Biaxial crusher of lower capacity


Biaxial crusher, with small body, is easy to install and adapted for crushing small materials like plastic bottles, videotapes, CDs, raw garbage, etc. This type also provides easy maintenance.


Biaxial crusher of higher capacity

  Large crusher is suitable for mass disposal of large size waste like industrial wastes, wastes from a garbage-processing center, etc. Two motor driven systems, hydraulic drive and electric drive, are available.  

Uniaxial crusher

  Uniaxial crusher gives finer crush than Biaxial crusher. With its crush size adjustment, the crusher is useful for a wide range of purposes.