Magical Balancer


The Magical balancer is an electric balancer with a maximum lifting capacity : 0-130 kg.
It is driven by compressed air and electricity 100V-240V (single phase). Magical balancer


When you lift the load, the weight of the load is automatically detected. After lifting up, you can move the suspended load by using your hand to your desired position. Anyone can do this operation very easily. Lifting speed is almost same for different weight load.

Realizing smooth operability by adopting a new control method that combines electronic control and air control
  • By equipping sensor on the grip, the weight of the suspended load is detected in real time and air pressure in the cylinder is automatically controlled. It realizes smooth and light operability, quick operation and followability.
Grip operation mode that shorten the required time to lift off the ground
  • This mode is used to attach / detach the suspended load and lift up / down the suspended load by sliding up or down the grip.
  • By detecting the weight of the suspended load in real time, the required time to lift off the ground has been significantly reduced (* patent pending).
Work balance mode that reduces the operating force
  • By sensing the force added to the suspended load, the operating force in balance mode is greatly improved.
  • When you release the grip, it instantly shifts to work balance mode.
  • Compared to our standard air balancers , The balance operation force (operating force) in the work balance mode has been reduced to about 1/2 to 1/3 (* patent pending)
Function for allowing gradual weight change of the suspended load
  • Cylinder pressure is automatically adjusted according to changes in the weight of the suspended load to maintain the suspended load.
  • [Application]

    Pouring the liquid contained in the lifted container into another container.
  • [Note]

    It may be necessary to consider your work condition if you use this function. Please contact us for details if you want to use this function.
Improved maintainability
  • By equipping an alarm function that displays the details of the error when an abnormality occurs. It reduces the time to spent to identify the cause of anomalies. For example, it can quickly detect an abnormality such as a drop in air pressure.
Model Air
Wire rope
EDB-50 0.4 20 1.9 42 Φ4.76 Rc 1/2 AC100V-240V
0.5 30
0.6 40
0.7 50
EDB-85 0.4 40 1.9 43 Φ4.76 Rc 1/2 AC100V-240V
0.5 55
0.6 70
0.7 85
EDB-130 0.4 61 1.9 50 Φ4.76 Rc 1/2 AC100V-240V
0.5 84
0.6 107
0.7 130
Magical balancer is a perfect choice when you need assistance with...
  • Positioning in assembly shop
  • Setting workpieces to machines
  • Material handling with a jig
  • Changing a mold etc.
Application at our factory!

We try our Magical Balancer on our production line.

Product Handling

magical balancer application
  • Magical balancer assists carrying and packaging the product.
  • The product is set into a frame in a package with Manual operation.
  • The operation is performed with no shock and no damage to the product.
Setting a workpiece to a lathe machine

magical balancer application
  • Magical balancer supports precise adjustment.
  • It eliminates the inching process and frees the operator from direct handling of heavy workpieces.
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