A Reel is a winding machine that automatically winds up and pulls out a power supply cable for a moving object or fluid hose following the motion of a moving object.Cable reels support various cables including low and high voltage cables, fiber optic cables, and combinations of these cables. Hose reels are suitable for a variety of fluids including air, water, and hydraulic oil. There are two categories of winding power: spring or motor types. Various types of motors are available, including torque, inverter control, servo, or hydraulic motors. You can select the best type based on the applications, winding lengths, types, and other requirements. Lightweight reels and small-size reels can be produced as special specifications.Manual pull-out type is also available for the hose reels.

  • Transfer devices such as traveling cranes and cart.
  • Lifting magnets and lifting equipment (hoists).
  • General industrial machines and ships.
  • Shaft-boring and shield machines.
  • Features a simple structure that facilitates wiring and tubing.
  • Reduces the number of maintenance procedures.
  • Tracks the winding speed extremely closely, preventing damage to the cables and hoses.
  • Rainproof structure of the slip ring allows outdoor installation
  • Type CRF and geared motor type must be installed indoors.