~Anticipating the needs of the future ~

Endo Kogyo was originally established in 1935 as a producer of Western-style metal cooking utensils. Over the years, we have changed direction numerous times, before successfully transforming ourselves into a manufacturer of industrial machinery and equipment. We currently specialize in three core fields: material handling equipment, power supply equipment and environmental machines.

Our products feature a wide range of proprietary technologies, unified by consistently excellent quality and durability. In their development, our focus is always on creating devices that will allow our customers to significantly improve both their processing efficiency and productivity.

Thanks to this unique approach, our spring balancers are now used by automobile manufacturers in more than 30 countries around the world to safely suspend welding equipment and other tools and jigs. We have also built a strong reputation for products such as our cable reels, used to wind the power supply cables for cranes and construction machinery, and crushers, which are core components in many garbage processing and recycling facilities.

The manufacturing industry is currently experiencing a period of dramatic development and innovation. Endo Kogyo is keenly aware of these changes and is working to create new products and services that closely match emerging demand. Our three key concepts in this process are: energy savings, safety and environmental protection. While these ideas are not completely new, they are major points of appeal for manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment in this time of rapid transition. In the material handling field, we are pushing forward with the development of product applications that use our proprietary spring-powered technology. Our goals here are to create more user-friendly, non-powered devices of benefit to companies working in material handling and transportation. In the power supply field, we provide various servo and inverter technologies for use in cable reels. In this case, our focus is on development related to cable reels for shore power supply, an important part of environmental improvement efforts in port and harbor areas. Also in the power supply field, Endo Kogyo is the creator of some of the industry’ s most advanced slip rings and other components specifically configured to meet the standards for high-speed networks.

Our development efforts also extend to the environmental machinery field, where we are in the process of designing a crusher for use in biomass plants. These facilities are currently attracting considerable attention as a potential source of renewable energy. In any development initiative, our most important consideration is to listen to the voices of our customers. If we are to create truly excellent, value-added products and services, it is essential to gather accurate feedback from our customers and then actually listen to what they are telling us. Using this invaluable information as a base, we then combine our machinery-related expertise with information technology, an area that has developed at incredible speed in recent years. This approach allows us to develop products and services that closely target new and emerging needs.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, there has been a sharp increase in awareness of the global impact of environmental pollution. This issue now affects whether our civilization can sustain itself and continue to grow. In this regard, it has become all too clear that we must increase the use of renewable energy and energy saving technologies, expand food production and achieve a more harmonious balance between the environment and economic interests. Over the past 80 years, our company has gained a vast amount of expertise in the development and manufacture of high-quality products. This experience is embodied by each and every one of our current employees. We all hope to use our knowledge to contribute to the creation of a safer and more secure society now and in the future.