Cable Reel for EV Charger

  • Fixing EV charging cable
    The reel has a built-in ratchet that allows you
    to lock the charging cable in place
    by engaging the ratchet when you pull out the charging cable.

  • Automatic winding of EV charging cable
    The reel has a built-in spring that automatically
    winds up the charging cable.

  • Customization
    We can make electric driven reel as well.
    By pressing an external switch,
    the electric motor will wind up or lower the connector and cable.

  • Improving workability at EV charging facilities
    The charging cable of the EV charging cable reel is 10m long,
    making it useful for EV charging equipment for large vehicles
    such as EV trucks and buses.
    In addition, by attaching it to the ceiling and pulling out the cable,
    it can also be used for charging ports in different positions for each vehicle model.

  • Preventing EV charging plugs from being damaged
    By winding and storing the EV charging cable on a cable reel,
    the cable and plug do not come into contact with the vehicle body when not in use.

  • Keeping EV cable clean and preventing accidents
    By storing it in an EV charging cable reel,
    it contributes to beautifying the workplace environment.

Model Name Slipring Cable Plug
CRL-4424W 200V 30A-4P Reeling cable
Charging connector is attached.
5.5/0.75mm 2-3/1c × 10m
Cable of the power supply side
CUR-2PNCT 5.5mm2-4c×5m
Made by ITT Cannon, Ltd.
IEC62196-2 TYPE1