EWA Series

Catalog Manual/CAD
  • Its capacity is 9kg-70kg.
  • In case that a cable installed in a spring balancer is cut or a suspended tool is disengaged, the whole cable will snap back due to the tension of spring involved in a spring balancer, causing the dangerous situation such as the injury to personnel etc.
  • This new device has developed to protect personnel from such the danger.
Description of the device
  • As soon as a cable is cut, a drum revolves rapidly winding a cable up.
  • Rapid revolution of the drum generates centrifugal force.
  • The centrifugal force makes a Ratchet on a spring case pushed out and the ratchet sticks in a wheel fixed on a cover, stopping the revolution of the drum.
Model Capacity
Cable Dia
EWA-15 9.0~15.0 1.3 4.0 4.7
EWA-22 15.0~22.0 1.5 4.76 8.9
EWA-30 22.0~30.0 1.5 4.76 9.3
EWA-40 30.0~40.0 1.5 4.76 11.9
EWA-50 40.0~50.0 1.5 4.76 12.3
EWA-60 50.0~60.0 1.5 4.76 13.3
EWA-70 60.0~70.0 1.5 4.76 13.6
Optional Accessories
Plain trolly

When attached to a beam, this trolley enables smooth horizontal movement by hand.

Plain trolly detail page