Dear Customers

Thank you very much for being our value added customers and utilizing the products of ENDO.

As per company survey it has been observed that there is a huge supply for counterfeit products in the markets for spring balancer and spare parts.
These counterfeit products are distributed through the channel outside of our authorized sales channel; ENDO’s logo are indicated on the counterfeit products, and they have the similar packaging and the design of ENDO’s products, so it is difficult to distinguish the genuine products from the counterfeit products in the markets.

Counterfeit products are not subject to our examination for verifying the conformity of the quality standards of ENDO, they may cause failures as “Malfunctioning”, “getting damaged soon”, etc., and, also there are possibilities of serious accident if it falls, therefore when you are buying ENDO Spring Balancer, we request you to buy through the authorised distributors.

Counterfeit products are distributed in most of the Asian countries and also around the world; mainly China in large numbers. For China, there is an authorised distributor located in Guangzhou (United Faith Group) where you can get the ENDO Spring balancer and spare parts.

Thank you for utilizing ENDO products.

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